Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

I am so far behind of documenting so many things. So, you will see several post today and tomorrow.  I have had ZERO energy after work. I have hardly even got on the internet all week. Anyway, 2 weeks ago we joined some friends at the Denver Downs Pumpkin Patch. We had a TON of fun!

The first picture is on the way…can you tell how excited he was? I love the second picture! He is standing at the entrance waiting on his friends to come!

DSC06053(rev 1)DSC06054(rev 1)

Finding his way through the maze and under the tire…

DSC06058(rev 1)DSC06059(rev 1)

Taking a look at the adorable baby pigs!

DSC06063(rev 1)DSC06064(rev 1)

Then a quick stop at the scarecrow…

DSC06067(rev 1)

On to the corn kernel box….

DSC06069(rev 1)DSC06073(rev 1)

Then the Cow Train!

DSC06075(rev 1)DSC06077(rev 1)

Amy and Kim even got to ride with Dylan and Claire…

DSC06080(rev 1)DSC06081(rev 1)

On to the horse swing and BIG maze…

DSC06085(rev 1)DSC06086(rev 1)DSC06087(rev 1)DSC06089(rev 1)

As you can tell the corn maze was a huge disappointment….The corn was not fully grown, so it didn’t make much of a maze. We tried to get pictures of Andrew and Dylan, but Dylan had other plans…

DSC06090(rev 1)DSC06092(rev 1)

Lastly we went on the hay ride around the farm and picked out 2 pumpkins! Andrew had so much fun! We can’t wait till next year!

DSC06098(rev 1)DSC06100(rev 1)

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how can he be so cute