Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Big Boy Room

Today I took a personal day! Andrew’s babysitter was unable to keep him today, so I jumped on the chance to spend the day with Andrew. Don’t you love days that you have off and no one is sick? LOVE!

I spent a majority of the day putting the final touches to Andrew’s big boy room. We are going to use his old room for the nursery and he is now in our old master bedroom. We decided to keep the colors the same. We already had the paint and it went with his current bedding. I was a little worried at first, but it worked out in the end.

Andrew now, finally, has a closet. His room actually has 2, but the other will be used for the new baby. I am still working on the closet, but this is it so far. I just cleaned out all his summer clothes and now he is left with very little. We plan on doing some shopping this weekend. Look at all those baby blankets!

DSC06152(rev 1)DSC06153(rev 1)

Entering the room off the playroom/family room upstairs…

DSC06154(rev 1)

As you can tell we have rugs galore! One thing we really needed to do was replace the carpet, but we will have to live with rugs right now!

DSC06155(rev 1)DSC06156(rev 1)DSC06157(rev 1)DSC06158(rev 1)

I plan on replacing some of the knickknacks with more age appropriate things over time.

DSC06159(rev 0)DSC06160(rev 0)DSC06161(rev 0)

Another to do item is new blinds and curtains.

DSC06162(rev 0)DSC06163(rev 0)

And lastly we have to return the TV that is currently in our bedroom. I honestly don’t think he will be using it very often, but there are holes!

DSC06164(rev 0)

Andrew absolutely loves his new room and bigger space!


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Love his big boy room!

Meg said...

Wow, look at all that room!! We wouldn't know what to do with that space :) I desperately need to clean out C's closet, that's one of my dark places right now!