Sunday, November 27, 2011

Progress-Craft Room/Office Makeover

We are slowly making a little headway on MY craft room/office. This space used to be our old kitchen, so it is full of cabinets (storage!), but it needed some work.

The computer has been located on the bar, which worked out fine.

DSC05036(rev 0)

But…we had this gapping hole where the stove used to be located. So, we figured it would be a great place for computer shelf.

DSC05038(rev 0)


DSC06231(rev 1)

Andrew working with his “tools.”

DSC06234(rev 1)

Tah Dah! One step closer to a finished room!

DSC06235(rev 1)DSC06236(rev 1)DSC06237(rev 1)

Nick is going to finish the counter top (needs to be cut off) next weekend. I plan on spray painting and getting new prints for the frames. Organization is then high on the list!

Here is some inspiration!

I love the blue with the white.


Everything has a place!


LOVE the green!


Love glass storage!


Plan on painting the chair white!


So what do you think?

Work starts back tomorrow! I am not looking forward to running around like crazy and missing my baby!

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Professional Business Solutions said...

Great pictures and fascinating work! That baby is just as cute as those organised crayons, pencils, and other writing materials stuffed in jars! :)