Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What we have been up to and Andrew’s Christmas Tree

Wow, it has been awhile. I guess life can do that sometimes. I am enjoying my week off and loving all the time I get to spend with Andrew. He is changing so much and I hate that I don’t spend this much time with him everyday.

Nick and I managed to buy all of Andrew Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers last weekend. We also purchased a few things online for others and are well on our way to being finished! We tend to be last minute shoppers, so we are doing great! My mom and I are going out on Black Friday, so maybe I can finish the rest then. Either that or we will be trampled!

Yesterday I managed to put up all 3 of our Christmas trees! Yes 3! I have always dreamed of going all out for Christmas, but we never had the space. With our addition, I now able to decorate the way I have always wanted to. Andrew is very much into Christmas! I have already read A Night Before Christmas 20 times. Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I am glad he shares this with me!

I put Andrew’s tree up with his assistance of course! I found this tree after Christmas last year for $5! It is very thin and scraggly, but Andrew could care less! In the past, he had a small tabletop tree, but his ornament collection keeps growing. Here is the new one!

The tree is upstairs in his playroom. I used a blue theme and it turned out so cute!

DSC06209(rev 1)DSC06188(rev 1)DSC06189(rev 1)DSC06197(rev 1)

In the 2nd picture he was saying “Ta Dah!”

DSC06198(rev 1)DSC06202(rev 1)

I was playing Pandora (LOVE!) in the background and he started dancing up a storm! I only got one decent picture!

DSC06204(rev 1)

Below are the many faces and personalities of Andrew!

DSC06195(rev 1)DSC06191(rev 1)DSC06192(rev 1)DSC06193(rev 1)DSC06210(rev 1)DSC06212(rev 1)

I will share the main tree and Dining room tree tomorrow!

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