Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Goodwill Post

I was able to talk Nick into stopping by the Goodwill once again. I picked up this frame with intentions of making it a chalkboard, but that didn’t happen. It is a long story and I am too upset to talk about it. HA!

Here is the before (only $4!!): I kind of felt bad for the hard work that someone put into the cross-stitch…almost.

DSC06314(rev 1)

I gave the glass and frame a quick cleaning…Yuck!

DSC06315(rev 0)

Sanded the frame and wiped clean….

DSC06316(rev 0)

This picture frame had two mats inside (score!). Obviously the brown was not going to work, so I simply flipped it over and now we have white!

DSC06318(rev 1)

I just used $25 cent scrapbook paper to finish off the look. I LOVE IT!

DSC06319(rev 0)

I also spray painted the magnetic memo board to match. Notice something else?

DSC06320(rev 1)

I bought the perfect size chalkboard for the lamp. Maybe this will encourage mother nature to get with it!

DSC06321(rev 1)

So before:

DSC05038(rev 0)

This is not the after, but we will say the in  between:

DSC06320(rev 1)

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Meg said...

I am loving that color!! It totally screams craft space to me!