Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

We ate (a lot!), opened tons presents, and enjoyed time with family. It was a great Christmas!!
Andrew woke up at 5:45am (which is his normal time) and was stunned to see that Santa FINALLY came. He was so precious opening all of his presents and saying “wow” every time. Just so I will remember he got a bucket of dinosaurs, bucket of pretend food, play pots and pans (he is really into cooking), a work bench that was full of tools, and truck just like daddy’s! He also got stocking suffers: Cars 2 and New How to Train a Dragon movie (watched 5 times already!), candy, 3 trucks, and a fishing game.
DSC06374(rev 1)DSC06377(rev 1)DSC06384(rev 1)DSC06388(rev 1)DSC06390(rev 1)
This was waiting in the garage! He was SOOO excited! It was freezing and barley daylight, but he didn’t care!
DSC06392(rev 1)
He has already mastered putting the truck in forward and reverse. He was hilarious driving! We had to put it in the fastest mode to drive on the gravel and he was flying! He kept turning around to smile and wave instead of watching where he was going. Luckily we live on a open field, so no worries.
DSC06398(rev 1)
Duncan did not care for the drive!
DSC06399(rev 1)DSC06400(rev 1)
We had Nick’s parents, brother, grandmother, and my parents over for a late breakfast. The food was so good! Breakfast food is my favorite! Later that night we went over to Nick’s parents to have Christmas with them. More pics to come!
I am diligently trying to sort through the chaos of new toys!


Meg said...

so, so, so cute!!! Cash is into cooking as well, we got him a small play kitchen. There are several awesome male chefs, right? ;)

BK said...

I love those photos of him driving! I remember the Christmas I got a safari jeep :-) Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

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J said...

LOL! He is so cute in that truck! Sounds like y'all had a great Christmas!

poojaa2015 said...

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