Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Christmas post

I have a few more pictures to share of Christmas!
Christmas photo shoot: He was not in the mood!
DSC06350(rev 1)DSC06351(rev 1)
Yay a smile!
DSC06353(rev 1)DSC06355(rev 1)
There’s that silly grin again..LOL!
DSC06356(rev 1)
“Are you done?”
DSC06360(rev 1)
I am so ready to lose weight after this pregnancy!
DSC06362(rev 1)DSC06363(rev 1)
Andrew with Uncle Eric riding his new tricycle from Pop and Grammie.
DSC06415(rev 1)DSC06416(rev 1)
Playing with finger that was a gift from cousin Rica.
DSC06417(rev 1)DSC06419(rev 1)DSC06421(rev 1)
I think that is all the Christmas photos! Have a great day!

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Meg said...

You look so cute! Beautiful tree!!