Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pinterest Projects for 2012

I am addicted to Pinterest!! I know I am not alone. I have found TONS of things to use in my classroom. It makes so excited to even think about some of the things I will be using very soon!
Of course crafts, recipes, and d├ęcor is also at the top of the list. However, I feel like I am constantly pinning and not doing. You know what I mean? Well I have decided to make a list of things for each month, for this upcoming year, and tackle them! I hope others join in!!
January: Paint Chip Calendar
I have already got all the paint chips, so now all I need is a frame!
February: Yearly Picture
I actually went back and did this for Andrew’s 2nd birthday, so I look forward to creating a even better one for his 3rd!
Scrapbook paper artwork
I am thinking this would be adorable for the new babies room!
March: Spring Wreath
Very St.Patrick’s Day and Spring!
April: Magnetic Board
At this point I am sure I will be doing a lot of things for the babies’ room, so this will be nice for Andrew.
May: Freezer Meals
Great for when baby comes!

June: After baby diet
This will be needed!
July: Back to School Wreath
We start back at the beginning of August, so hopefully this will be done in July!
August: I am going to leave this month free! Work will begin again and I am sure I will be just surviving!
September: Fall Wreath
October: Chalkboard Cookie Pan
I just think this is adorable! I am not sure I will wait till Oct.!
November: Thumbprint Ornaments
I think these will be great for the grandparents and our own tree.
December: Christmas Card Holder
So simple, which is what I will need in December!
I really hope others feel inspired to join in and create their own list!


Carrie said...

I am so loving the calender that is going on my do list right now!!!

Amy said...

Love how you did this. I need to do this as well....a project a month doesn't seem like to much to handle!!! Great idea.

Meg said...

what a great idea to do this once a month! It's easy to get overwhelmed on pinterest.