Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Simple and Clean

I LOVE the holidays! Doesn’t everyone? What I do not like is the clutter. Yesterday, Nick and I took down all the Christmas décor. I LOVED it, but enough was enough. I wanted to change the look of my living room a little and go with more of a simple and clean look. I have a lot of dark colors going on I the room with the furniture, so I needed some colors to brighten and lighten up the space.

Winter Entry Table: I am shopping around for a mirror to go over the table. I also HATE that cord hanging down. I thinking of a large basket to cover it and have room for blankets.

DSC06437(rev 1)DSC06438(rev 1)

This organic prints were printed off the internet and the corks were moved from the kitchen. The coral was from our honeymoon in Miami.

DSC06439(rev 1)

The star plate was a wedding gift and was originally in our bathroom.

DSC06440(rev 1)

The couch had some dark red striped pillows and I replaced those with the solid light blue ones from our bed.

DSC06451(rev 1)

Remember this?:


I replaced the prints with scrapbook paper I had left over. LOVE!

DSC06452(rev 1)DSC06453(rev 1)DSC06454(rev 1)DSC06455(rev 1)

I am also shopping around for a bigger lamp (Goodwill here I come!)

DSC06456(rev 1)

Another side table. Below is Andrew’s winter and Christmas books.

DSC06457(rev 1)DSC06458(rev 1)

This is the mantle and book shelves. Everyone needs a workbench in their living room, right?

DSC06462(rev 1)

I then decided to tackle our bed. We have had a duvet cover on the bed since we changed rooms and it is driving both of us bonkers! The inside comforter constantly fell to the bottom. It was a nightmare to sleep with. So, I bought a basic blanket and along with NEW sheets (Thanks Trish) changed it from this:

DSC06441(rev 1)

To this! I just used the duvet cover at the end of the bed and nicely tucked the blanket and sheets under the mattress.

DSC06444(rev 1)DSC06446(rev 1)

LOVE! Obviously the small pillows were moved to the living room after this shoot.

DSC06447(rev 1)

I also “stole” this picture frame from the living room bookcase and replace it with MORE scrapbook paper.

DSC06449(rev 1)

I cold really get use to this 2 1/2 weeks of being a SAHM. I can get so much done during nap time!


Tina Leigh said...

I salvaged two old mirrors from dressers that were thrown away. I took the brackets and braces off the back, sanded and painted them. One worked well just sitting on top of a small table. You can probably get a mirror cut pretty cheap from a glass store. Just a thought. I love the pictures.

Carrie said...

I love the pictures with the scrapebook paper! You need to see what me and Johnny are making with an old screen door its going to look great when we finish :)

Robyn Beele said...

Thanks for visiting Tina! That sounds like a really good idea! Carrie, I can't wait to see!

Meg said...

You are very productive!! I think big and then feel like I need to go shopping for the supplies, lol. Thanks for the info on the duvet cover. We are about to buy one and I've never had one before, just a regular old comforter. But I do plan on buying a regular blanket to sleep under for that reason and so the duvet lasts longer..

Robyn Beele said...

Meg, they do make some duvets that have something to attach to the insert (buttons usually), but unfortunately ours did not. Good luck!