Sunday, December 18, 2011

This should be interesting

SO many people have asked me how this pregnancy is different and if I want a boy or girl. I thought I would answer those questions on here, so one day I could look back and remember.

To begin with this pregnancy has been similar to my first pregnancy, but everything is happening WAY sooner! I was in maternity clothes sooner, the back pain is crazy (and this didn’t happen till much later), and the lovely acid reflux has begun! I told Nick that he may be rolling me around in a wheel chair by the end. I honestly am scared to know how I am going to feel toward the end. There have also been some differences. My skin was very prone to breaking out with Andrew and this time around my skin is super clear (THANK YOU LORD!), I have killer headaches almost daily, I have many food aversions, and I am way more tired this time around (could it be the toddler running around the house?). So there is the answer in a nutshell!

On to the most asked question! Honestly, I have always dreamed of having a little girl. I really look forward to all the things we could do together when she is older. However, the more and more I think about it I would really be content to have another boy. Andrew has been a dream and just a blast! I would love for him to have someone close to grow up with. Of course I do believe this happens with different gender siblings also, so you see either way I am HAPPY! The BIG question will be answered on Jan. 5th at 4:00!! Stay tuned!

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