Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nursery Progress

We have made some small strides in the nursery and I am getting so excited about the finished product! We took a trip to Target this weekend and I found a few things for the room and ALL of Andrew’s birthday paper products. Score! The glider and crib should be ready for pick up this week. It is all starting to come together.
The room still looks like this…
DSC06630(rev 1)
I found this adorable picture!!
DSC06631(rev 1)
and these black out curtains…this room gets a ton of sunlight during the day. Sun plus sleeping baby does not mix! The print actually has polka dots circles on it in the same color. We also got a valance for a small window in the room.
DSC06632(rev 1)
The Pottery Barn bedding came and it is just perfect! I love patchwork quilt look!
DSC06633(rev 1)
We still need to find a dresser (hopefully older that I can redo) and an end table to put beside the glider for those late night feedings. I hope everyone’s week is starting off on the right foot! My feet are in a very swollen state at the moment! Ugh!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Teacher Binder Organization

Teacher Binder Organization
Hello all teacher readers!! I rarely post about treachery things. However, the other day when I was looking at my stats and such I noticed that my TOP post of all time was my classroom tour. Wow! Who knew? Apparently there are some teachers lurking around.
This is my 7th year teaching and you would think I would finally have everything figured out. Well not in the least! Education is constantly changing and I am usually just trying to catch up. I did figure out a system for lesson plans in the last few years that really works for me.
This is what I had…functional but BORING! The binder and tab were just things I had laying around the classroom.
DSC06620(rev 1)DSC06621(rev 1)DSC06622(rev 1)
In comes the dollar spot at TARGET!! Yesterday, I spotted these beauties for only $1!!
DSC06619(rev 1)
I made myself a new cover….and put my weekly lessons on the cute clipboard. Now they are more readily available.
DSC06623(rev 0)                 DSC06624(rev 1)
I added the new tabs for Curriculum Maps/Frameworks, Students grouping List (how I group students- ability/learning style), Benchmark Reports, Student List- activity schedule and RTI list, and Lesson/unit Plans for previous weeks.
DSC06625(rev 1)         DSC06626(rev 1)DSC06627(rev 1)                                         DSC06628(rev 1)
I love having everything in one place. It is really great to bring to parent conferences, RTI meetings, and weekly faculty meetings.
All neatly placed in my fun 31 Christmas gift!
DSC06629(rev 1)
How do you stay organized as a teacher or mom?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chalkboard Paint + Clay Pot = Fun Storage!

Clay Pots

This was such a fun and easy project that I have been wanting to make for months. I used clay pots for decoration at Andrew’s first birthday party and have had them collecting dirt in the garage ever since. I already had chalkboard paint, so this was the obvious solution! I just sprayed the pots with the spray paint. I then painted the rim and decorative with polka dots! The green one is being used to store Andrew’s crayons, colored pencils, and water paint. The two pink ones will the be used in baby girl’s room (I really need to work on a name!).

DSC06609(rev 1) DSC06612(rev 1)DSC06615(rev 1) DSC06610(rev 1)DSC06617(rev 1) DSC06618(rev 1)

I have two more that I painted that will be used at Andrew’s birthday party! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow I will be showing some nursery progress and a day to show some teacher things!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another New Look

I started the year with a fresh and simple look for this little blog, but guess what? I am apparently not simple! I just wasn’t feeling it. I am in LOVE with my new girly and more me background, header, and button!! I got it here and Alicia was such a big help. Also it was done in mere hours! You can’t beat that.What do you think?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Little Mozart/Spin Brush!

Andrew loves playing with Grammie and Pop’s keyboard when he visits. He takes it very seriously!
DSC06589(rev 1)   DSC06590(rev 1)DSC06594(rev 1)   DSC06596(rev 1)
About a year ago, I bought Andrew a Thomas Spin Brush. He was terrified at the time, so I put it away. I pulled it out the other day and he was SOOOO happy! As soon as he saw it he knew it was a Spin Brush (I guess from commercials). He brushed his teeth for probably 30 mins.! He even flossed! Such a big boy!
DSC06601(rev 1)                                                 DSC06604(rev 1)DSC06607(rev 1)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Girly Nursery

I had such a great time planning Andrew’s nursery and I can’t wait to start delving into this baby girl’s nursery.
Let’s take a walk down memory lane and check out Andrew’s old nursery. Ahhh…Memories!
DSC00435(rev 1)DSC01926(rev 0)DSC00437(rev 1)DSC00438(rev 1)DSC01927(rev 0)DSC01928(rev 0)DSC01938(rev 0)
You can see Andrew’s big boy room here. Andrew moved into our old Master Bedroom several months ago and his new sister will take this room. We are leaving the paint the same because I think the green with pink will be cute and it looks basically untouched. So, here is what the NEW nursery will look like.
I spent WAY too much money on Andrew’s furniture/crib and the quality has not been worth the money we spent. I decided to go low cost, but still very cute this time around.
We bought this crib…Wal-Mart-$129                                                              
this glider…I didn’t have a rocker/glider in Andrew’s room when he was a baby, but I this will be a must now that most of the house is now downstairs and she will be upstairs.
Walmart- $134 with ottoman
I splurged with the bedding from Pottery Barn…I made a HARD decision (it really shouldn’t have been) to not buy the bumper. Bumpers are not recommended and even banned in some cities because of the suffocation risk. Why risk it? It is so cute though! So I just bought the sheets, quilt, and pretty girly skirt.
I also ordered these ADORABLE owls from pottery barn.
I am loving the green and pink! I can’t wait for everything to start coming in! We are also looking for a small table to put beside the chair and a dresser to turn into a changing table. I want something I can refinish and paint. Projects!

Stay with me…These are some things that I would like to do or buy in the upcoming months.
Name out of scrapbook paper and bins under the crib…
This is my inspiration for the dresser turned changing table…
I am going to start the embroidery loops for above the crib and order some of these prints from Etsy…
and lastly make something like this for a mobile or to hang in a corner.
Man, I need to get to work!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Very Jane-Deal of the Day

Have you ever heard of Very Jane? I haven’t, but I am so glad I found them today. Look at their deal of the day!


You get 4 for $2.99!! After shipping my order was $4.99!! This come in 15 colors, but the deal ends today. I will checking this website out often!

Rainy Weekend

In the south, we have been blasted with rain all weekend. It was so yucky yesterday, so we only left the house for a quick trip to the grocery store. I spent the rest of the day cleaning catching up on laundry (still not done!). Today I have a children’s committee meeting at church at 9 and then was the volunteer for the week in the nursery. Andrew had a lot of fun playing for a couple of hours. It is always interesting for me to watch him interact with other children. One little girl (a little over a year old) kept walking up to him and hitting him. I was so happy to see that he just looked at her and said, “Don’t hit…” in a nice tone and walked away. I am sure he will have to get use to this and it is good to see he didn’t slug her back!
Last night we made a yummy Pinterest supper at home. We usually eat out on Saturdays, but it was nice to just be at home.
These are the only ingredients…and it was so yummy. Basically it taste like chicken wings without the mess of bones! My kind of meal. You just dump it all in the crockpot and pull apart an hour before eating and cook a little longer. We had ours on buns, but later in the week we are going to have quesadillas with the leftovers. YUM!
One last note before finishing laundry and enjoying this lazy day. It you are visiting my blog from Pinterest, I am so glad you are here! After posting the paint chip calendar on Pinterest my stats have skyrocketed! I mean from a mere 60-90 a day to 400! I know this nothing for bigger blogs, but it is a lot for me. So anyway, send me a comment and start following the blog! I am so glad you are here!!
If anyone has tried the paint chip calendar, please share! I would to see what everyone else is doing!