Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1st Day Back/Labels

Man am I exhausted!! Today was my first day back after 2 1/2 weeks off and I am feeling it! I am so tired, but the day flew by and the kids were great!
I have been going a little label crazy around the house when I discovered these! The FREE programmable labels are from Better Homes and Garden. They are so easy to use and obviously I can’t get enough. I am literally looking for things to label.
I started in the office with these…
DSC06490(rev 1)DSC06491(rev 1)DSC06489(rev 1)
Then to the pantry…
DSC06518(rev 1)DSC06519(rev 1)DSC06520(rev 1)DSC06521(rev 1)
Then I was so inspired that I made my own to for Andrew’s toys. I just made these on Microsoft word and played around with the size until they fit.
DSC06492(rev 1)DSC06494(rev 1)
If you search the internet and Pinterest you can find even more cute free printables. I have my eye on a few more!

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Funny Guy and His Wife said...

I am all about organization! I feel like I 'pin' millions of things on Pinterest, but haven't put a lot of them to use yet. Saving them for after I survive the remodel!