Sunday, January 1, 2012


DSC06471(rev 1)DSC06472(rev 1)

(I am loving my new chalkboard and mirror!!! I used chalkboard spray paint on the glass. It was so easy!)

I hope everyone had a great ring into the new year! We had a busy day yesterday. We started the day off at Nick’s parents. Nick’s dad’s birthday was yesterday, so we celebrated by opening presents bright and early. We then headed over to celebrate Claire’s 1st birthday. I wish I would have taken pictures! The d├ęcor was so cute!!! Andrew had a blast and fell asleep on the way home.

Nick and I then scrambled around to get food and the house ready for friends to come over and celebrate the new year. We had a Mexican themed dinner that was so yummy!! Andrew got to play with his friends and just had a blast. I did manage to take some pictures of Andrew and Dylan. It was such a nice day!

DSC06474(rev 1)DSC06475(rev 1)DSC06478(rev 1)DSC06480(rev 1)DSC06481(rev 1)

With kids in tow everyone was gone by 8:00. We are not the partiers we use to be and I am just fine with that! Nick and I watched a few musical performances and crashed by 10. I know…I know we are some wild ones!

We started the first day of 2012 by going to church. Andrew was so excited!! We could not get there fast enough. We haven’t been able to go in the last few weeks because of the holiday craziness, but I hope 2012 brings more Sundays like this.

DSC06482(rev 1)

Nick and I are off for dinner, movie, and much needed alone time. So excited!! Thanks to Nick’s mom for keeping our precious boy!


Carrie said...

Happy New Year's!!! I love the chalkboard where did you find the frame I love it!

Meg said...

Cute!!! Sounds like us, I was asleep before any balls dropped or bells rang lol

Robyn Beele said...

Carrie I got the frame from Hobby Lobby.