Monday, January 16, 2012

21 and 22 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
22 weeks
How Far Along: 21 and 22 weeks- I am actually 21 1/2 right now, but I knew I wouldn’t have time at the end of the week.
Size of baby: 21 (length of a carrot) and 22 (length of a spaghetti squash) weeks
Gender: GIRL!! This has synched in more and I am SUPER excited!!!
Maternity Clothes: mostly maternity-Have you SEEN this belly?
Weight Gain: probably around 12-14 lbs. I goes up and down daily or hourly…lol!
Movement: I am feeling her move all the time very low.
Sleep: I sleep okay, but I have to turn over all the time because of back pain and of course I get up a few times to use the bathroom.
Symptoms: The acid reflux has disappeared! I still have lower back pain at the very end of the day. My feet and hands have started to swell on occasion. I have removed my engagement ring already. So sad! The swelling is actually better this time around. My feet were swollen from 4 months till a month after with Andrew every day. I have more energy and feel great for the most part! 
Cravings: This has remained about the same. I thirsty ALL the time and started really wanting a very cold fruit smoothie. YUM!
Best moment this week: Buying my first baby girl clothes and planning the nursery!

Big brother decided to join me on the weekly picture.

DSC06553(rev 1)           DSC06555(rev 1)


Meg said...

Look at that sweet baby boy!! So cute, as usual and that baby girl is growing. You're all belly!

Carrie said...