Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chalkboard Paint + Clay Pot = Fun Storage!

Clay Pots

This was such a fun and easy project that I have been wanting to make for months. I used clay pots for decoration at Andrew’s first birthday party and have had them collecting dirt in the garage ever since. I already had chalkboard paint, so this was the obvious solution! I just sprayed the pots with the spray paint. I then painted the rim and decorative with polka dots! The green one is being used to store Andrew’s crayons, colored pencils, and water paint. The two pink ones will the be used in baby girl’s room (I really need to work on a name!).

DSC06609(rev 1) DSC06612(rev 1)DSC06615(rev 1) DSC06610(rev 1)DSC06617(rev 1) DSC06618(rev 1)

I have two more that I painted that will be used at Andrew’s birthday party! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow I will be showing some nursery progress and a day to show some teacher things!!


BK said...

I've found some things I want to do with chalk board paint! Do you spray it or brush it on? It's so popular right now!

Robyn Beele said...

I used the spray paint kind, but they do have it either way. Spray painting is so much faster!