Monday, January 23, 2012

Girly Nursery

I had such a great time planning Andrew’s nursery and I can’t wait to start delving into this baby girl’s nursery.
Let’s take a walk down memory lane and check out Andrew’s old nursery. Ahhh…Memories!
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You can see Andrew’s big boy room here. Andrew moved into our old Master Bedroom several months ago and his new sister will take this room. We are leaving the paint the same because I think the green with pink will be cute and it looks basically untouched. So, here is what the NEW nursery will look like.
I spent WAY too much money on Andrew’s furniture/crib and the quality has not been worth the money we spent. I decided to go low cost, but still very cute this time around.
We bought this crib…Wal-Mart-$129                                                              
this glider…I didn’t have a rocker/glider in Andrew’s room when he was a baby, but I this will be a must now that most of the house is now downstairs and she will be upstairs.
Walmart- $134 with ottoman
I splurged with the bedding from Pottery Barn…I made a HARD decision (it really shouldn’t have been) to not buy the bumper. Bumpers are not recommended and even banned in some cities because of the suffocation risk. Why risk it? It is so cute though! So I just bought the sheets, quilt, and pretty girly skirt.
I also ordered these ADORABLE owls from pottery barn.
I am loving the green and pink! I can’t wait for everything to start coming in! We are also looking for a small table to put beside the chair and a dresser to turn into a changing table. I want something I can refinish and paint. Projects!

Stay with me…These are some things that I would like to do or buy in the upcoming months.
Name out of scrapbook paper and bins under the crib…
This is my inspiration for the dresser turned changing table…
I am going to start the embroidery loops for above the crib and order some of these prints from Etsy…
and lastly make something like this for a mobile or to hang in a corner.
Man, I need to get to work!

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Carrie said...

so cute now I can start on that sweet babies blanket!!! I love the owls :)