Saturday, January 14, 2012

Homemade Valentine’s

I love the idea of homemade Valentine’s, but not in love with the time that is usually involved. I wanted to do something really cute for Andrew to bring to his babysitter’s and friends for Valentine’s Day. I came across this on good ole’ Pinterest and created my own version using Picnik. I have been going Picnik crazy lately! I have more projects in the works!
*For some reason it is showing a grayish background, but the actual sticker does not have this.*
I am going to stick this a bag of goldfish. Easy and cute! I plan on making the bags this Monday on my day off. With Andrew’s birthday fast approaching, I know I will not have time later.
1)Either copy and paste mine to Picnik and make your changes or create your own. A great tutorial for making similar things can be found here.
2) Save picture and open with Microsoft Word to resize and make a sheet.
DSC06542(rev 1)
3) Print on sticker paper.
DSC06543(rev 1)             DSC06544(rev 1)
4) Cut out and enjoy!
DSC06545(rev 1)

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