Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Little Mozart/Spin Brush!

Andrew loves playing with Grammie and Pop’s keyboard when he visits. He takes it very seriously!
DSC06589(rev 1)   DSC06590(rev 1)DSC06594(rev 1)   DSC06596(rev 1)
About a year ago, I bought Andrew a Thomas Spin Brush. He was terrified at the time, so I put it away. I pulled it out the other day and he was SOOOO happy! As soon as he saw it he knew it was a Spin Brush (I guess from commercials). He brushed his teeth for probably 30 mins.! He even flossed! Such a big boy!
DSC06601(rev 1)                                                 DSC06604(rev 1)DSC06607(rev 1)


Jessica said...

Aww! We have that toothbrush also! : )

Meg said...

So cute! Cash loves all things music too, makes for a loud house doesn't it :)) He is however, still terrified of one of those toothbrushes. lol! What is it about those things? Glad Andrew likes his now!