Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Header using Picnik

Check out my new banner that I made all by MYSELF!! It is simple (exactly what I needed for a first timer) and I LOVE IT! Go to this wonderful tutorial to make your own. She shows the same version that I have, but the possibilities are endless. I also made a graphic, on Picnik, for Project Pinterest 2012! It turned out really cute and was FREE! If you want to join in on the project copy and paste the button to your blog and have fun crafting!!
We had a very relaxed weekend with NOTHING planned. I really love those weekends. We have had very few, but with Christmas craziness over, I hope we have many more! This teacher has a full week ahead with testing (does it EVER end) and lessons galore. I hope your week is wonderful!

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Meg said...

Cute! I need to play with that sometime..