Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nursery Progress

We have made some small strides in the nursery and I am getting so excited about the finished product! We took a trip to Target this weekend and I found a few things for the room and ALL of Andrew’s birthday paper products. Score! The glider and crib should be ready for pick up this week. It is all starting to come together.
The room still looks like this…
DSC06630(rev 1)
I found this adorable picture!!
DSC06631(rev 1)
and these black out curtains…this room gets a ton of sunlight during the day. Sun plus sleeping baby does not mix! The print actually has polka dots circles on it in the same color. We also got a valance for a small window in the room.
DSC06632(rev 1)
The Pottery Barn bedding came and it is just perfect! I love patchwork quilt look!
DSC06633(rev 1)
We still need to find a dresser (hopefully older that I can redo) and an end table to put beside the glider for those late night feedings. I hope everyone’s week is starting off on the right foot! My feet are in a very swollen state at the moment! Ugh!


Meg said...

Looking great Robyn!

BK said...

Love the owls!