Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Paint Chip Calendar

I am so excited to reveal my first Pinterest 2012 January project!! With a new year comes a new calendar and this is not your ordinary calendar! I wanted something large and in charge. I wanted something that would allow for me to write down more than one thing on a certain day and something that the whole family could use. I stumbled upon this inspirational Pinterest post and knew I HAD to make one of my own.
I got lucky with this project because I only had to buy a 50 cent poster. Luckily the paint chips were free (I felt very guilty to taking so many) and I already had a frame. Nonetheless this is still a very frugal project.
Poster board or the paper that come with the frame will do.
DSC06499(rev 1)
Paint chips (I used 28 in blue and green tones), glue gun
DSC06500(rev 0)
and frame of course. I went with a large frame!
DSC06501(rev 0)
First set your chips out in your desired layout. I am in LOVE with the colors I choose!
DSC06502(rev 1)
You could get all crazy and measure, but I do not have the patient so I just eyeballed it. I then hot glued them down leaving some space in between.
DSC06503(rev 1)
TA-DAH! Put it in a frame and your done!
DSC06504(rev 0)
Dry Erase markers work wonderfully on glass!
DSC06505(rev 0)
I wrote the days of the week at the top.
DSC06506(rev 1)
I placed this in my kitchen next to the pantry.
DSC06515(rev 1)           DSC06514(rev 1)
It was hard to get a clear picture because of the lighting.
DSC06508(rev 1)DSC06512(rev 1)
There are so many possibilities with this project. You could make the chips smaller and add a to-do list on the side. This would be great in an office or child’s room. I am totally making one of these for school in the fall. I hope you all enjoyed my first project of the year!


Meg said...

Wow, that looks perfect there!! No excuse not to write anything down now!! I need to find me a pinterest project to complete this month, I love the idea!

Amy said...

Love it!!!

BK said...

That is too cute! I would feel guilty too lol.

Carrie said...

I love love love this!!!!

Jordan, Erin, Morgan, and Brenna said...

What size frame did you use?

Anonymous said...

I think is really good idea.... !!!!

Armeen Mahmud said...

What markers should I use???

Robyn Beele said...

I use just a regular dry erase marker.