Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rainy Weekend

In the south, we have been blasted with rain all weekend. It was so yucky yesterday, so we only left the house for a quick trip to the grocery store. I spent the rest of the day cleaning catching up on laundry (still not done!). Today I have a children’s committee meeting at church at 9 and then was the volunteer for the week in the nursery. Andrew had a lot of fun playing for a couple of hours. It is always interesting for me to watch him interact with other children. One little girl (a little over a year old) kept walking up to him and hitting him. I was so happy to see that he just looked at her and said, “Don’t hit…” in a nice tone and walked away. I am sure he will have to get use to this and it is good to see he didn’t slug her back!
Last night we made a yummy Pinterest supper at home. We usually eat out on Saturdays, but it was nice to just be at home.
These are the only ingredients…and it was so yummy. Basically it taste like chicken wings without the mess of bones! My kind of meal. You just dump it all in the crockpot and pull apart an hour before eating and cook a little longer. We had ours on buns, but later in the week we are going to have quesadillas with the leftovers. YUM!
One last note before finishing laundry and enjoying this lazy day. It you are visiting my blog from Pinterest, I am so glad you are here! After posting the paint chip calendar on Pinterest my stats have skyrocketed! I mean from a mere 60-90 a day to 400! I know this nothing for bigger blogs, but it is a lot for me. So anyway, send me a comment and start following the blog! I am so glad you are here!!
If anyone has tried the paint chip calendar, please share! I would to see what everyone else is doing!

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