Saturday, January 21, 2012

Seasonal Book Baskets

Book Baskets

I LOVE books! Being a teacher, do I really have a choice? All joking aside, I really do love to read myself and especially to Andrew. Through the course of a normal day we at least read 3-4 books-every day. Because I am a teacher I have a ton of books. I buy most books through Scholastic book orders that come out at school. You can find CHEAP seasonal books and classics. Most of Andrew’s books are upstairs in his playroom, but a select few seasonal and old favorites are kept downstairs next to the recliner (great reading spot). I love this idea!

This was Andrew’s Christmas/Winter Books and Basket.

DSC06578(rev 1)DSC06576(rev 1)

I have weeded out the Christmas books and added in Spring, Valentine’s, St.Patrick’s, Groundhog Day, and a few Easter Books. I also keep in favorites, coloring books, and flash cards.

DSC06579(rev 1)DSC06580(rev 1)DSC06581(rev 1)

Happy Weekend!!!

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