Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Coffee Filter Wreath

Winter can be kind of depression, right? Well I thought I would make something cheerful to hang during the cold winter months.I made a simple coffee filter wreath awhile back for our bedroom door and thought I would take it a step forward.
DSC05222(rev 1)
This was a very cheap project (I like those!). All you need is a grapevine wreath, spray paint (opitonal), coffee filters, and a glue gun. I bought my wreath from the Dollar Tree and I didn’t care for the natural color, hence the spray paint.
DSC06524(rev 1)
When you are finished you will see very little of the wreath, so my spray paint job was quick and obviously doesn’t cover the entire surface.
DSC06525(rev 1)DSC06526(rev 1)
To make a “flower”, first stack up 2-4 filters and fold into thirds.
DSC06527(rev 1)DSC06528(rev 1)DSC06529(rev 1)
Do this again, and glue them together to for a large “flower.”
DSC06531(rev 1)
Glue the this onto the wreath and repeat many times.
DSC06533(rev 1)
Eventually you will get this, but notice the bare spots? I just filled them in with smaller “flowers.”
DSC06537(rev 1)
End product! I LOVE it! The top decorative accent was from a gift I received at Christmas years ago. Of course you could do a ribbon or something else.
DSC06538(rev 1)
What do you think?
DSC06539(rev 1)

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