Wednesday, February 8, 2012

23, 24, and 25 Weeks

25 Weeks
How Far Along: Currently just hit 25 Weeks
Size of baby: 23 (large mango) 24 (ear of corn), and 25 (rutabaga) weeks
Gender: GIRL!! 
Maternity Clothes: All maternity
Weight Gain: probably around 15-18 lbs. I am SOOO swollen, so I am hoping a lot of this is water weight! HA!
Movement: I feel movement all the time, but it is still pretty low. I asked the doctor about this and he said it was normal after the first pregnancy because your stomach muscles are not what they use to be (Really!!?- I had NO idea!). 
Sleep: I sleep okay, but I have to turn over all the time because of back pain and of course I get up a few times to use the bathroom.
Symptoms: Boy has this changed! I have reflux if I eat right before bed. My feet and hands are swollen almost always. I had this with Andrew, so I don’t see it going away. I stay on my feet all day, so I am sure that is not helping. I am still have pretty severe lower back and hip pains by the end of the day. I am also at the point where I am HOT all the time!
Cravings: I still stay thirsty and crave ice cream and anything cold!
Best moment this week: Listening to her heartbeat (149bpm) and winning a FREE 3D Ultrasound!! I can’t wait to see her!
Wow what a change!
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Kristin said...

I loved being pregnant during the winter because I was SO hot all the time!! I know exactly what you're talking about! Ever since I had the baby a week ago I've been back to normal and almost cold at times :) It's so amazing how our bodies work!

Kim and Ed said...

You look great Robyn! You are such a special person. Baby girl is going to be so lucky to have such a creative person as you to call her mom!