Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dear Andrew

Dear Andrew,
Wow! What a year? You have literally changed before my eyes. You went from a baby to a little boy! This year has been so much fun. I have got to see your personality blossom into such a funny, smart, and loving boy. You are constantly making me so proud to call you my son. It is amazing how much you learn on a daily basis and I can’t seem to feed you enough information. I love that you are so eager to learn new things!
You are currently very interested in machines, cars, trucks, guitars, guns, swords, puzzles, painting, and books. You have such an imagination and love to pretend you are a pirate, in a rock band, or a train conductor. Outside is still your favorite place to be! I have a feeling we will be spending many years picking up pretend guns or collecting rocks in the yard.
You have also become so independent! You are able to use the potty, brush your teeth and floss, put on your pants and shoes, get into your car seat, and so many other things. Your new motto is “I can do it! All by MYSELF!”
You are also turned into such a caring gentleman. You are always running to help me open the door, randomly telling me you love me, and you always say thank you when you are given something. It just melts my heart!
Andrew you are still the light of my life! I can’t imagine how great of a big brother you are going to be in a few months. You have brought so much joy to our lives and your little sister is going to be one lucky girl to be able to grow up with you by her side.
Happy Birthday my sweet boy!!
Love, Mama
Dear Andrew’s from 2 year old, 1 year old, and in the womb.

Happy 3rd Birthday Andrew!

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