Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY Spring Apothecary Jar

I am so excited to share this!! This was my inspiration:
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And here is mine!
DSC06864(rev 1)
This is how you do it!
Materials: Gorilla Glue, 2 Clear Mason Jars, Spray Paint and 2 candlestick holders, finials, and round disc
DSC06820(rev 1)
I first spray painted every piece. I did this very quickly because by the time you sand and do the stain you will see no bubbles of paint.
DSC06821(rev 1)
When they are dry give each wooden piece a quick roughing up with sand paper. As you can see in the background I bought the paint from my inspiration, but it didn’t match my kitchen. I am thinking I need to made more for the living room and use the blue!
DSC06828(rev 1)DSC06829(rev 1)
This was my first time antiquing anything, but it was so simple! I painted on the stain (roughly) and quickly wiped it off with a paper towel. I LOVE the results! I may do this to everything I spray from now on!
DSC06830(rev 1)               DSC06831(rev 1)
Glue everything together and let dry for several hours. I plan on adding another round disc at the bottom because it is a little top heavy.
DSC06832(rev 1)DSC06862(rev 1)
I added these eggs for Easter. I love the fact that I can screw off the top and change out the d├ęcor (ornaments for Christmas, Halloween candy, pumpkins…)

DSC06866(rev 1)
Here are some more inspirational pictures via Pinterest.
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I LOVE them all!

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Carrie said...

oh these are super cute I am making some of these for sure!!!!

Robyn Beele said...

Carrie it was really so easy! I plan on making several more!