Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Andrew!

DSC06720(rev 1)

Yesterday my little baby turned 3! How did that happen so quickly? We celebrated with a pirate themed birthday party and had a great time with friends and family. We are all whipped out today and taking it super easy!

I made or found printables(online) for most of the d├ęcor.

DSC06722(rev 1)DSC06723(rev 1)DSC06724(rev 1)DSC06725(rev 1)DSC06726(rev 1)

A wonderful cake lady made the cake from a picture I found on Pinterest. She did amazing!

DSC06733(rev 1)

I made these pom pom tissue balls and hung them everywhere!

DSC06814(rev 1)

Andrew actually ate some at his party! The cake was the hit!

DSC06727(rev 1)DSC06743(rev 1)

Singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles.

DSC06735(rev 1)DSC06738(rev 1)

The best part was having so many friends and family celebrate with us!

Miss Claire

DSC06730(rev 1)DSC06802(rev 1)

Dylan had a blast!

DSC06805(rev 1)

There were so many good picture moments!

DSC06792(rev 1)DSC06789(rev 1)

Andrew with his BEST friend Ryan. Can you tell he was happy!

DSC06808(rev 1)

He got this John Deere tractor from Pop and Grammie! It was Nick and his brothers when they were little. Nick’s dad painted it and added new decals. He LOVES IT!

DSC06785(rev 1)DSC06800(rev 1)

We tried for a group picture of the kids and this is what we got! Precious!

DSC06809(rev 1)DSC06811(rev 1)

I hope everyone that attended had a great time! Thanks for making it special!


Kim and Ed said...

We had a great time! You always do such a wonderful job hosting parties. I do agree, the cake was a hit!!

BK said...

Love the cake, super adorable! Glad he had a great day!