Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to Hang Wooden Letters with Ribbon

I am on a roll people! Here is another simple, but cute DIY! Remember this?
DSC06674(rev 1)
Looked a little bare right?
Well since I finally picked out a name, I could finish this wall. I bought the initials when Andrew and I went on our little shopping adventure.
I stole this brilliant idea from Pinterest. Why didn’t I think of this?
DSC06874(rev 1)
Here are the letters all painted.
DSC06875(rev 1)
I cut ribbon (2 pieces for each letter) and hot glued it the back. I then created a bow at my desired height.
DSC06876(rev 1)          DSC06877(rev 1)
I LOVE the results!! It is amazing that something so cheap and simple and really make a statement! Now just imagine a pretty white dresser/changing table underneath. I HOPE to find one soon!
DSC06878(rev 1)DSC06879(rev 1)
DSC06880(rev 1)   DSC06881(rev 1)

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