Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Name Game

Okay sweet followers, I need some serious help! I have GOT to get moving on the name of this precious unborn child of mine. For one thing people keep asking and I hate having nothing to say. I am keep seeing all of this adorable stuff that can be monogrammed and I still need a name for the Swatch Portrait wall. Needless to say, she needs a NAME!

I need your help! I have picked a few names that I like.







I really like the middle name Kate, but it doesn’t really work with all of the above. So PLEASE (even if you don’t normally comment) vote for a name!!

Thanks for your help!!


Carrie said...

Brinsley says Abigail and Chloe
Noah says Chloe
I say Chloe
Johnny says Gilligan

I am not sure that helps

Kristin said...

I've loved classic! I really like Haddie too :)

Robyn Beele said...

Thanks for voting girls! Keep the votes coming!

eonjean said...

I love Molly and hardly hear it anymore. Right now there are lots of Abigails on the west coast but I love it. Haddy is great too. I have three boys so I am jealous of your dilemma!

Amy said...

I love Abigail Kaylee, Abigail Rebecca, Abigail Myla and Molly Kate.
I googled, "good middle names for Abigail." Kate, Rose, and Grace were at the top!

Meg said...

you could make the "haddie" a "Haddlie or Hadley" and that would work with Kate in the middle name...and you could still call her Haddie for short!

(and congratulations and hi, came over from the Kelly's Korner linkup!)

Stewart Family said...

I love the name Molly! Molly Kate is cute. Do you like Alexa Kate? So cute. Girls names are fun! I have 2. Found your blog while looking at my friend, Megan Cook's blog....She has a sister Sara. Your blog is cute. You are so creative! Have a great day! Cara in New Mexico.

Abbie said...

i love Abigail Kate!!!:)
that would be coming from an Abbie:)
i also love Gillian Kate