Monday, February 6, 2012

Project Pinterest 2012 February Part 1

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I can’t believe how much the Paint Chip Calendar took off from the January project. It gets repins on Pinterest ALL the time. I hope I don’t disappoint this month. This is part 1. I gave my self two projects to complete for February.
This one involves Picnik, but could be done with other programs. By the way, can you BELIEVE Google is getting rid of Picnik?!! What are they thinking!!?
Anyway I am going to keep using it as much as possible before it closes in April.
Here was the inspiration:
I went back and completed year one. I wish I would have thought of this then!
Andrew 1 Collage
I came up with Andrew’s 2nd birthday creation back in December:
Andrew 2-years - Page 001
And now for year 3! This picture (the toy, the shirt) shows Andrew as his true self. I didn’t want to dress him up or make him stand in a awkward pose. I want to remember him just like he is at this stage.
Andrew 3
This is such a simple project, but I know I will cherish this when he is older.
WOW how he has changed!


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Andrew is adorable!! I love the 3 year picture!! I am going to copy this idea. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!