Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shopping Day

Andrew and I left bright and early this morning for some shopping!
DSC06818(rev 1)   DSC06819(rev 1)

We first went to Target and found some cute things in the dollar spot (pictures to come later), frame for the Pinterest project, canvas storage bins for Andrew and Abigail’s closets ($5!), Andrew a few t-shirts, and myself some Breath Right Strips. Yes you heard that last one right. I have been very congested for over a week. Being pregnant and sleeping is hard enough and now I can’t breath! I literally have been waking up in a panic gasping for air. I hope these help! Anybody used them?

We then headed to Hobby Lobby and got the majority of my stuff. I got fabric (Andrew’s rag wreath and spring wreath), all the parts for the Apothecary Jars, scrapbook paper for the Pinterest Project, and a few odds and ends.

Lastly, we went to Chic-fi-la (I LOVE their employees!). Andrew played  for a good 45 mins on the playground and crashed on the way home. He never went back to sleep for his nap, so we headed out to play some more!


Andrew loves his new tractor!

DSC06836(rev 1)                                           DSC06838(rev 1)DSC06840(rev 1)    DSC06843(rev 1)

Too cool for School!


DSC06846(rev 1)

We looked at airplanes!

DSC06845(rev 1)

Swung in his new big boy swing!

DSC06852(rev 1)                            DSC06856(rev 1)

And of course played guns!

DSC06858(rev 1)

I can’t wait to show you all the projects I am going to be making in the next few days!!

I hope your day was wonderful!

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