Friday, February 3, 2012

Unexpected Day Off/ 3 year stats

Guess who I got to spend the day with??

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Andrew’s babysitter has been sick the last two days. Nick stayed home yesterday and I got to stay home today. We got to spend some much needed play time together. He is napping now…so what to do? Oh I have plenty things in the works!

I haven’t posted about Andrew’s stat’s lately and since he will 3 on the 18th, now it a better time than ever.

I can’t believe he is 3! Really?? Where does time go? He is such a little boy now,but still has moments where he needs his mama. We have had our shares of defiance and terrible twos, but that is expected with growing up. He still the most polite and sweetest boy ever! I am his mom, so I can say that!


Weight/Height: I believe he is between 28 and 30 lbs. and about 3 feet tall. I will update after his checkup. Still a little squirt!

Clothes: all 2T pants and shirts and size 7/8 shoe. I believe he will be wearing 3T shirts by spring, but 2T pants are still loose.

Food: Still picky and is not the best eater. He has gone through a few spells of wanting to eat constantly and then weeks of not wanting to eat much at all. I am sure it is growth spurts. He still loves milk (he would drink it all day if I would like him), yogurt, carrots, grapes, grilled cheese, breakfast bars, apples, grapes, crackers, chicken, fries, mac and cheese, spaghetti, and cheese. He drinks 2 cups of milk and 3 cups of half juice and half water (sometimes more).

Motor Skills: He can now pedal his tricycle, jump off the ground, and balance somewhat on one foot.

Sleep: He is taking one 3 hour nap everyday around noon. He goes to sleep promptly at 8:30 and I am wake him at 6:30 during the week. Lately he has been sleeping close to 7 on the weekends!  He still demands a book before going to sleep ( I happily oblige) and sleeps with paci (I know!).

Talking: We have a major talker on our hands! He talks constantly! We sometimes have to tell him to stop for a minute. HA! His speech is very clear on most words. He knows all uppercase letters, shapes, and some colors. He can count to 20 and backwards from 10 to 1. He also knows the difference between a quarter, penny, and dollar.

Teeth: He now has 2 of his 2 year molars and another is on its way. He LOVES to brush his teeth floss!

Interest: machines, vehicles, tools, stars and moon, dinosaurs, puzzles, books, painting, trains, and playing outside.

Potty Training: completely trained since 2 1/2. He has had an accident in a very long time. He can use the potty independently and stands (except for #2-obviously).

Cuteness: The last few days he will get in my lap and look up at me and say “I Love You Mama!” Melts my heart! Also one morning when I got him out of the bed he hugged me and told me he missed me! Talk about a pregnant mama messing up her makeup right before work! He will also thank you for giving something for weeks at a time. I hope his kind spirit stays with him.


Megan Morris said...

This is precious! He sounds like a sweetie!
By the way, is he available to come teach in my first grade class?! Some of us are still struggling w/ money :)

Robyn Beele said...

Sure he is available anytime!

J said...

So sweet and smart! :-)