Saturday, March 31, 2012

Andrew’s 1st Fish

We now have ourselves a fisherman! Thursday evening we headed to the pond, so Nick could throw the fishing pole in a few times. Well Andrew was very interested and of course wanted to help reel in the line. The first time he reeled it in, he caught a fish!!

Hartwell_20120329_00281(rev 1)Hartwell_20120329_00282(rev 1)Hartwell_20120329_00278(rev 1)Hartwell_20120329_00279(rev 1)                  Hartwell_20120329_00280(rev 1)

Can you tell how happy he was?! Well he reeled the line in a again and caught ANOTHER fish!

Hartwell_20120329_00284(rev 1)

Yesterday after work, we headed to Wal-Mart to Andrew’s his own fishing rod. We went to the pond and Andrew caught one more fish. He had even more fun running around and helping daddy and Pop fish!


Driving to the pond…

DSC00268-2(rev 1)        DSC00269-2(rev 1)

Andrew’s 1st fish on his own pole (Spiderman of course!). Can you tell he doesn’t want to touch the fish?

DSC00271-2(rev 1)DSC00272-2(rev 1)                          DSC00273-2(rev 1)

Look what Pop caught!

DSC00275-2(rev 1)

Melts my heart!

DSC00279-2(rev 1)

DSC00280-2(rev 1)


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So cute!!!

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so cute I love that little smile he has going on lol