Sunday, March 11, 2012

Busy Weekend #1

Remember that overwhelming list of weekend projects? Well this weekend was #1 and we had outdoor work on the list. I was totally left out of this one, but honestly I am starting to feel VERY pregnant. It is probably best I kept Andrew busy instead. Just to forewarn you, this post is LOADED with pictures.

Andrew was as happy as a clam to see the backhoe pull up! He wanted nothing more than to help daddy!

DSC00045-1(rev 1)               DSC00042-1(rev 1)DSC00043-1(rev 1) DSC00050-1(rev 1)

Nick removed this massive Rosemary that has been staring us in the face for TOO long!

DSC00052-1(rev 1) DSC00055-1(rev 1)

And a very overgrown rose bush that could not be killed.

DSC00058-1(rev 1)

Duncan, Andrew, and Myself enjoyed the beautiful sun!

DSC00057-1(rev 1)                                 DSC00068-1(rev 1)

DSC00061-1(rev 0)

Nick cleaned out most of the flowerbeds and cut the grass. Mulch will be added a little at a time during the week. We have way too many flowerbeds!

He also dug a “moat” around the newer flower beds to add edging (this was a project that we didn’t get around to last year). He finished the edging this morning and got another (the last one ready for edging) one ready. He really got a TON of things done. I am so lucky to have a hard working husband who will let me sit and watch!

 DSC00087(rev 1)

Today we were apparently feeling ambitious and went ahead and primed the dining room chairs and barstools that we have laying around. This was actually on the list for 2 weekends from now, but we are moving them to next weekend. I could sit and do this, so it wasn’t too bad. I painted 4 chairs and Nick came in to saved me and did the last 2.


Notice that long board? That is Abigail's shelf for her room!

DSC00088-1(rev 1)

Notice the 3 pots?? Oh yes, I am working on the 3 tiered planter!

DSC00089-1(rev 1)

Now I think I will lay on the couch and NOT move!

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