Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Busy Weekends Ahead

Well, I am now approaching 29 weeks. The time is slowly ticking away…
Nick and I finally sat down and came up with a plan. We have so many projects that haven’t been started or that need to be finished. We want all the big things to be complete before Miss Abigail joins us. We want all the time we can with our new family!
This is what our weekend will look like until she comes…I am a little a lot overwhelmed!
10th: Outside- clean up flower beds, cut grass, pull up some plants, and add border to some existing beds. While Nick is tackling that HUGE project alone (he will not let me help) I am going to go through Andrew’s baby stuff and see what we can use.
17th: Find a dresser and refinish if needed. This will be Abigail’s changing table and storage in her room. I have a vision, but I just haven’t found it yet. Anyone have an old dresser???
24th and 31st: Finish countertop in office (needs to be cut and installed), paint old dining room chairs and shelf for Abigail’s room. I am allowing 2 weekends for this because we also have our church’s Easter Egg Hunt on the 24th.
7th: Nick’s Birthday weekend/Easter- NO PLANS!
14th and 21st: Paint Andrew and Abigail Bathroom (again I am not allowed to help, but I am sure will be keeping Andrew occupied anyway).
28th: Spring Cleaning- Clean House/Organize (give the house a DEEP cleaning)
5th: Buy any baby stuff that if left to get and wash everything
12th: Get swing, pack and play, and car seats out. Pack bags for hospital and Andrew.
I am planning NOTHING after that weekend!
I am glad we have a plan now! We will see how it goes!


Meg said...

Wow, your to do list looks like mine. But instead of doing it, I just keep it on the list and continue to be overwhelmed ;) Good luck! I'll keep my eye out for dressers.

BK said...

This stresses me out, and it's not even my list, lol. I have to take things one day or week at a time or I get overwhelmed! Good luck with your to do list! Check Craigslist for a dresser. Someone was selling a cute one on FB for $10 but it was snatched up quickly.

Becca said...

I remember when i was on that weeks, that's the time i felt impatient and get bored. It seems the time i very slow..
Good luck!