Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chore Charts

I think we have reached the terrible two’s a little late! We are having a hard time getting Andrew to do certain things that he used to LOVE to do or would at least tolerate. For instance, he used to LOVE to brush his teeth, but now it is a struggle! He also cries often when we change his clothes. This isn’t really new, but has gotten worse. He also has not been wanting to pick up his toys or he will take FOREVER!
Can you tell I am frustrated? I know this is just one of many obstacles we will have cross as parents, but it can be exhausting at this stage of pregnancy. I decided to bring out the “chore” chart! I used one similar when we started potty training and it worked. It was only need for a couple of weeks. I hope and pray this will help!
clip_image002[4] clip_image004[4] clip_image006[4]
Sunday clip_image007[50]clip_image007[51] clip_image007[52]clip_image007[53] clip_image007[54]clip_image007[55]
Monday clip_image007[56]clip_image007[57] clip_image007[58]clip_image007[59] clip_image007[60]clip_image007[61]
Tuesday clip_image007[62]clip_image007[63] clip_image007[64]clip_image007[65] clip_image007[66]clip_image007[67]
Wednesday clip_image007[68]clip_image007[69] clip_image007[70]clip_image007[71] clip_image007[72]clip_image007[73]
Thursday clip_image008[14]clip_image008[15] clip_image008[16]clip_image008[17] clip_image008[18]clip_image008[19]
Friday clip_image009[26]clip_image009[27] clip_image009[28]clip_image009[29] clip_image009[30]clip_image009[31]
Saturday clip_image009[32]clip_image009[33] clip_image009[34]clip_image009[35] clip_image009[36]clip_image009[37]
This is what the chart looks like. It is actually more colorful, but when I copied it from Word something happened. Anyway, I decided 3 things for a 3 year old would be enough for right now. I am going to laminate and let him use a dry erase maker to check the boxes. He is really into them right now, so maybe that will be a good incentive.
Do you use (or have you in the past) anything similar with your children?

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