Monday, March 26, 2012

Dresser Redo Almost…

We have worked so hard this weekend to get some things knocked off our long to-do list. We were so lucky to find this fabulous dresser because it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. It needed a little love, but that is what I wanted. I wanted something with character that was not brand spanking new.
This is the before.
DSC00249-2(rev 1)
This is with the primer that we rolled and brushed. This was the longest part, but very necessary.
DSC00250-2(rev 1)
We wrapped the drawers in paper.
DSC00251-1(rev 1)
The almost after!! Nick sprayed the dresser with a white satin latex paint using a paint sprayer that he got at Christmas. This part went super fast! I love all the details! I know it is huge, but the nursery only has a crib and a glider and one very long empty wall. It also has no closet (Andrew has two, so most of her clothes will be in one of those), so we needed storage for diapers, blankets, etc. I will use the top for a changing table and decorations.
DSC00256-2(rev 1)DSC00258-1(rev 1)
All we have to do is put all the hardware back on. We spray painted it with a metallic spray. I love the little flowers on the hardware! Also the hardware came with the dresser and all we did was paint it.
DSC00266-2(rev 1)
This was an all day process, but the results are so worth it!

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BK said...

Looks great! Kudos to Nick!