Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dry Erase Dinner Menu

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I am happy that we did not get hit by any major storms. I hope you are all safe and sound!
I stumbled across this months ago. You can find it at this wonderful blog The Nest Effect. She has many other free printables! I held on to it and finally found time to get a frame ready.

I love the idea of putting this in a frame and using dry erase makers on the glass. Sound familiar? We are still LOVING the paint chip calendar, so I knew this idea would stick.
DSC06508(rev 1)
We have been into menu planning since we got married. It really keeps us on track and helps with grocery list making.
I started off with a frame (I really like the detail with this one, but not the color). I spray painted the frame Peekaboo Blue by Krylon, sanded some spots, and used an antiquing paint to distress it some.
DSC06925(rev 1)
I LOVE the results!!
Hartwell_20120303_00255(rev 1)
Hartwell_20120303_00257(rev 0)            Hartwell-20120303-00255
Notice those CUTE little felt flowers??? I finally made one and it was so easy!! Follow the tutorial here! I already have so many ideas for these beauties (hair bows, wreaths,…)
Hartwell_20120303_00258(rev 1)   DSC06923(rev 1)
Happy Sunday! I am off to spend it with my whole family at my parents!

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BK said...

We have one of these too, makes the week much easier!