Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Andrew had such a great time at our church’s Easter Egg Hunt! Last night I help stuff 2,000 eggs and make the snacks. I have to share the cute carrot cheese puff bags that we made! So adorable!!

DSC00211-2(rev 1)DSC00213-2(rev 1)DSC00212-2(rev 1)                      









Andrew LOVES the Easter Bunny and always has!

DSC00214-2(rev 1)                              DSC00215-2(rev 1)

Time to hunt for eggs! He was way more into this year than last.

DSC00216-2(rev 1)  DSC00220-2(rev 1) DSC00221-2(rev 1)

Andrew stepped on the Prize egg! He won a cute basket full of candy and toys!

DSC00223-2(rev 1)                    DSC00224-2(rev 1)

The highlight of the day was playing on the playground. Andrew, Dylan, and Claire had a blast!

DSC00228-2(rev 1)          DSC00231-2(rev 1)DSC00233-2(rev 1)      DSC00234-2(rev 1)DSC00240-2(rev 1)I attempted a group picture of the 3, but they were not having it! 

DSC00242-2(rev 1)DSC00243-2(rev 1)

He is  getting too big too fast!

DSC00245-2(rev 1)

Our church is located close to some old train cars, so we stopped by for a look.

DSC00246-2(rev 1)

DSC00247-2(rev 1)DSC00248-2(rev 1)

We came home and had lunch. Andrew crashed for his nap. Nick and I primed this beauty! Tomorrow, Nick is going to paint it with his new sprayer. I am so excited about how this is going to look in Abigail’s room!

DSC00249-2(rev 1)

What a difference a year makes!

DSC04421DSC00214-2(rev 1)


Mrs. Meg said...

Can't wait to see the dresser!!! It is crazy how much a year changes these babies!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness!!! I love that picture of Dylan peeking around at Claire