Monday, March 12, 2012

Fabric Covered Canvas

DSC00084(rev 0)
Happy Monday everyone!! This week looks like it is going to be just as busy as the last. I don’t know if this body can take it much longer!
Any who…On Saturday, while I was banned from working outside, I decided to get crafty! I had this canvas for awhile and had it in storage. I also had one more piece of fabric left from the Swatch Portraits. I put them together and got something SOOO cute! I will be making more of these!
The whole project took maybe 15 mins. Most of the time was spent painting the letter.
DSC00074-1(rev 0)           DSC00075-1(rev 0)
I hot glued the fabric and the letter. Bad picture! I still getting use to my new camera.
DSC00076-1(rev 0)
Much better! I added the letter and of course a felt flower (these things are so darn easy to make)
DSC00079-1(rev 0)                         DSC00081(rev 0)DSC00082(rev 0)             DSC00083(rev 0)
I love how it look with the bedding and her new hamper!
DSC00085(rev 0)                    DSC00086(rev 0)
Nick will be installing a shelf next weekend. I will finally have a place to display some of these creations!


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