Monday, March 19, 2012

Yarn Wreath with Felt Flowers

Yarn Wreath
Happy Monday! I haven’t had a crafty post in awhile, so here you go! I have been drooling over all the yarn wreaths on Pinterest for quite awhile and it was time to make my own. This was honestly so easy and VERY cheap! I hit up the dollar tree for the wreath and yarn. Who knew they even sold yarn? They only had three colors, but the blue was exactly what I wanted. It took 1 and about 1/4 of another pack of yarn. So in all this was a $3 project! I already had the felt for the flowers and if you need to buy it it is cheap also.

DSC00187-3(rev 1)
I love the colors for spring! The flowers turned out really cute and only took minutes to make. There is a good tutorial here. For bigger ones you just use a wider piece of felt. Notice the top yellow and white flower look a little different? I cut it on a diagonal instead of straight. Cute! I am so planning on making a ton of these for Abigail and gluing hair pins on the back or onto a headband!
**Warning wrapping the yarn around this big of a wreath takes LOTS of patience and time. I have neither, so I convinced Nick to wrap a majority of it while he was watching TV. Thanks to the hubby!
DSC00188-2(rev 1)             DSC00189-1(rev 1)
I am loving this one for 4th of July!!
I also finally found a mobile for the nursery at Target. It is simple and sweet! The lullaby instantly made me cry and want our baby to be here SOON!
DSC00190-1(rev 1)        DSC00191-1(rev 1)


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I saw that mobile yesterday at target, and thought of you! So cute.

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I love it!!

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