Tuesday, April 3, 2012

31 and 32 Weeks

How Far Along: A little over 32 weeks 
Size of baby: 31 Weeks (4 navel oranges) and 32 Weeks (large jicama- yeah I am clueless myself)
Gender: GIRL!!
Maternity Clothes: All maternity
Weight Gain: Probably close to 25 lbs
Movement: She is mover and a shaker. She is constantly on the move and I can usually tell where she is positioned.
Sleep: I have a very hard time getting to sleep because of back and hip pain. Once I am asleep I sleep pretty well.
Symptoms: A lot of lower back, hips, and leg pain. I still have swollen feet and hands. This is about the same, but the swelling has gotten worse.
Cravings: Still anything cold and sweets (this is not common for me). I have way more food aversions this time around. With Andrew I wanted anything in sight, but this time NOTHING sounds good (unless it is cold).
Best moment this week: Getting major parts of the nursery finished.

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