Saturday, April 21, 2012

33, 34, and 35 Weeks

Picture to come!

How Far Along: 35 and a half weeks

Size of baby: 33 Weeks (pineapple) and 34 Weeks (cantaloupe), and 35 (honeydew melon)- YIKES!
Gender: GIRL!!
Maternity Clothes: All maternity
Weight Gain: Probably close to 30 lbs
Movement: She is mover and a shaker. However, she is starting to run out of room so her movements can sometimes hurt. She has hiccups several times a day and they shake my whole stomach.
Sleep: Sleep has not been fun lately. I have what I believe to be restless leg syndrome and it is horrible. If I sit or lay down for too long, I constant urges to move my legs. This makes it very hard to fall asleep. I literally have to walk around the house for a while. Once I am asleep, I sleep pretty well.
Symptoms: A lot of lower back, hips, and leg pain. I still have very swollen feet, wrists, and hands. Both of my rings are off and many of my shoes are tight.
Cravings: I still like anything cold- fruit, yogurt, milk, orange juice, smoothies, etc. I often find that NOTHING sounds good even when I am starving. Very frustrating.
Best moment this week: Having only 2 more weeks of work left!

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Kim and Ed said...

You are so close! I am definitely jealous of you only having 2 weeks of work left! I can't wait to meet Abigail Kate!