Monday, April 23, 2012

Andrew and Abigail’s Bathroom Part 2


Last week I shared the very beginning stages of the new shared kid’s bathroom. Last week we focused on clearing out the room, priming, and painting the bottom half. This weekend Nick painted the top half (Rhine River- Benjamin Moore) and we put the bathroom back together for now.

Again here is the before:

DSC00423(rev 1)

Last weekend:

DSC00431-1(rev 1)

This weekend:

This is where the new cabinets will go, along with two mirrors that came with Abigail’s dresser. I am very excited about this part!

DSC00454(rev 0)DSC00451(rev 0)

The towel holder will be gone…

DSC00452-1(rev 0)

The white storage cabinet will also be moved into the playroom- more storage for TOYS!

DSC00453-1(rev 0)

Obviously we have a lot more decorative things to do and that is when the FUN begins! I need a shower curtain, hand towels, bath mat, and pictures. We are still going to put in a double sink with cabinets soon and Nick is going to regrout the tile. It is in bad shape and the brown color is not working anymore.

This may be part 2 of many!

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BK said...

Love the color!