Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day of Fun!

Saturday was such a day of fun! We started the morning by attending a sweet little girl’s 2nd birthday party. Andrew had a blast sliding down the blow up slide!
DSC00433-1(rev 1)                         DSC00435-1(rev 1)

Playing with Dylan and enjoying yummy cake!

DSC00438-1(rev 1)  DSC00439-1(rev 1)

We headed home for a good nap (not us, Andrew-I WISH!). Nick finished painting Andrew and Abigail’s bathroom (pictures tomorrow!) and I cleaned the house. It literally exhausted me! It is so frustrating to not being to get as much done as I really need to, but my body is telling me to SLOW down. I am trying not to listen.

For dinner we stopped by and picked up Zaxby’s and went to a local playground to eat and PLAY!  We are trying to enjoy being able to leave the house and go whenever. We know that will have to stop for a short period when Abigail decides to join us. Right now we are enjoying our time with Andrew.

Here he is before leaving. Can you tell he is excited? Playgrounds are his favorite places to be!

DSC00443-1(rev 1)                             DSC00446(rev 1)

It took him about 10 mins to decided to slide down the big slide with no help. Once he saw all the other kids, he quickly jumped in feet first. He played with 4 little girls that were between 4-7 years old. He kept right up with them and loved every moment!

DSC00447(rev 1)                        DSC00449-1(rev 1)

I love this little boy! Even though he is extremely hard headed and can make me want to pull my hair out, he is still my baby!

DSC00450-1(rev 1)

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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Meg said...

We enjoyed a local playground too on Saturday evening. Our boys are growing up!