Friday, April 6, 2012

New Entry and More Small Changes

Happy GOOD Friday everyone!! I am a little sad that it the last day of Spring Break. It always flies by! We were without internet from lunch Tuesday to yesterday around 4:00. So needless to say I have had some time on my hands during nap time.

So that is the reason for the small changes! Don’t you just love moving things around your house and getting a whole new look? Well I know I do! It requires no money and a little imagination!

Yesterday while playing with Andrew in his room I kept looking at this blue table. This table was actually moved since this picture. We now have a chest of drawers in that spot (taken out of the nursery), so the table was at the end of the bed doing nothing!


Originally the table was a vanity until I took of the mirror and added some spray paint.

DSC00422(rev 1)

Well anyway, I just couldn’t have a piece of furniture with no purpose. I knew the perfect place and purpose for this table!

The entry! We have a very small space when you walk up a couple of steps from the entrance. This is what it was before…

DSC05680(rev 1)

And this is it now!

DSC00314-1(rev 1)

I needed to accomplish quite a few purposes in a small space and the chair just wasn’t doing the job. We still have the coat hooks, but we had an awful habit of taking off our shoes and throwing them in front of the door. So, I added a basket that was not being used to store some of our outside shoes.

DSC00316-1(rev 1)

Nice and NEAT! I already have Andrew trained to take his shoes off and place them here and next I need to work on Nick! LOL! I also added the little silver bowl (a wedding gift) to store keys and phones.

DSC00318-1(rev 1)

I LOVE how the blue ties in with the yarn wreath I made for the door to the garage!

DSC00319(rev 1)

I moved the chair to a small hallway. Doesn’t it look sad?? I will keep my eyes peeled for a bright pillow and some sort of artwork.

DSC00313-1(rev 1)

I also picked up some new rugs for the Kitchen. I was reluctant to buy any because our sweet Duncan tends to use them in the middle of the night- if you know what I mean…He has being doing great lately, so we will see.

DSC00322(rev 1)       DSC00323-1(rev 1)

I also finished Abigail’s shelf. I am loving all the owls, pink, and green!


DSC00325-1(rev 1)

DSC00327-1(rev 1)

I can’t wait to see this sweet girl’s face in person!

DSC00326-1(rev 1)

Have a great Good Friday!! I would for others to share their entryways. Do you have a closet (lucky dogs), a table, a shelf, etc.??

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Lea Liz said...

Love the blue table and how you put it, too cute!!