Monday, April 16, 2012

Nick’s Birthday

Nick celebrated his 32 birthday last Monday! I thought I would do something special that would be from Andrew. I found this really cute poem online and added Andrew’s handprints. He also got him a bag of his favorite candy-Reese’s Cups and a card that he drew a tractor and a balloon on.

DSC00385-1(rev 1)DSC00389-1(rev 1)


This is the poem:

My Dad

My Dad is a person who is loving and kind,

And often he knows what I have on my mind.

He is someone who listens, suggests, and defends.

My Dad is one of my very best friends!

He's proud of my triumphs, but when things go wrong,

My Dad can be patient and helpful and strong.

In all that I do, my Dad's love plays a part.

There's always a place for him deep in my heart.

And each year that passes, I'm even more glad,

more grateful and proud just to call him my Dad!

Andrew- 3 Years Old


I got Nick a new tackle box filled with goodies, a new fishing rod, and a date night. We also celebrated with friends Friday night at a local German restaurant. We went back to Kim’s house and enjoyed watching the kids play on their new play set. We had so much fun!

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Kim and Ed said...

Happy Birthday to Nick! I love the gift from Andrew. We love spending time with our awesome friends too!