Thursday, April 5, 2012

Small Nursery Projects

I have been having so much fun decorating Abigail’s nursery. We still need to move in the dresser and paint a small end table, but other than that we only have minor decorative touches to make. These two projects were super simple and took no time! My kind of crafts!

The first one is a lamp. I purchased two small white lamps from Goodwill and planned on using them,but the hardware (cord, fixtures) are old and need replacing. One may still make it into the room, but I decided to use another larger lamp instead.

DSC00300-2(rev 1)

We bought this lamp from Target when we got married, so it is a good almost 7 years old. We currently have it in the upstairs living area and it really gets NO use. I decided to add some felt flower embellishments. I just LOVE those things! I will probably change the lampshade eventually. It gives off a greenish glow when it is lit. Not very attractive. When I do I will just rip off the flowers and apply them to the new lamp shade. I will also add some ribbon. So obviously this is an in between reveal!

I thought I would add a little tutorial on how to make felt flowers.

I wanted a large flower so I used about 2 inches of felt. I then hot glued it along the end.

DSC00302-2(rev 1)DSC00303-1(rev 1)

At this point you can either cut straight lines or slanted. I choose slanted. Just remember to not cut through to where you put the glue. You then roll the felt and glue long the way. Fluff the pretty flower when you are finished.

DSC00304-1(rev 1)

I added some leaves to mine.

DSC00305-2(rev 1)

I added another small flower sense the shade was so big. What do you think!? I think the ribbon will help some.

DSC00306-2(rev 1)

The second project was SUPER easy and very cheap. I bought this frame from Wal-Mart for $3. I liked the detail, but not the color. So I spray painted it to white.

DSC00298-2(rev 1)

I then printed off a FREE printable from here. I love it!!

DSC00307-2(rev 1)                           DSC00308-1(rev 1)

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