Sunday, April 29, 2012

To Induce or Not to Induce

When I was pregnant with Andrew I was miserable at the end. Andrew did not come on his own. I went to the doctor on his due date and was checked for progress and there was very little (1 cm). I knew there was NO way I could make it any longer. I wanted him out as soon as possible. The doctor suggested an induction for that night and I went in happy to know he was healthy and ready to come into this world. I have nothing else to compare his labor to, but it was short for a first pregnancy. My water was broken around 8:30 and he was delivered a little after 1pm. This is pretty quick for a first born, so I was super afraid Abigail would come even quicker. Nick is currently working over 2 hours away from home and another 30 mins. to the hospital. Again I was stressing over him not being there. He was also concerned about not making it and knowing he was rushing and driving scares me.

At my most recent appointment, I asked my doctor about an induction. He very nonchalantly said that it would not be a problem.  He said he would induce me up to a week early and gave me a day to come to the hospital. Wow! That was easy! So, unless she comes on her own, I will going in on the evening of May 16th and having her on the 17th. I LOVE the fact that I have a date and an end in sight! I can’t wait any longer to see this little girl!

I get approached several times a day by coworkers telling me that there is no way I am going to make it. They say I looked like I have dropped (I haven’t). So obviously, I am enormous and people are concerned that she is going to bust out soon! In some ways I think she may come on her own and in other ways I don’t. I have had NO contractions or Braxton Hicks. I do not feel intense pressure like you feel when you are at the end of pregnancy. However, I get very tired from the smallest activities, out of breath extremely easy, and have sharp pains several times a day in my pelvic area. The sharp pains happen when she moves a certain way which tells me she is very low. So, I guess we will see. Meanwhile I am running around like crazy trying to get things done before she comes. Her bag is mostly packed, all clothes and blankets are washed, and her room is ready. Next weekend we are going to buy last minute items. We still need to install the car seat and pack ourselves. It is getting so close!!

Sorry for the rambling!

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